Caste based reservation should continue

In fact, I had anti-reservation thoughts quite some times back , that is to implement reservation based on economic measures instead of caste based. I also had friends who used to receive benefits from the government just because they belong to a lower caste, and as it mentioned in the petition they got preference in admissions while some of their parents were from ‘economically’ well off background, though. The question is are they still facing social discrimination of any sort because of their caste identity amidst of financial position ?

The mistake I have done is I tried to generalize the whole Indian situation just based on my experience and few incidents that happened in my life ? I don’t think that was the right approach as India is extremely complex country. I tried to understand the actual caste issue without any prejudice , read Ambedkar and many related articles online. Right now I have a different take on this reservation topic. I believe that reservation should exist as long as people are not discriminated based on caste.

I usually hear some of below arguments from anti-reservation campaigners or someone who is ‘pissed off’ due to the reservation.
Their first argument: the reservation is based on caste, so, the caste based reservation should be replaced by the economic criteria.

The second argument: the reservations are given only to SC’s and ST’s.

The third argument: the reservation is limited for only ten years, but reservations have been continuing for last 65 years hence it should be removed.

The fourth argument: the General communities or Upper Castes have been losing the opportunities because of reservation so it should be scraped.

The fifth argument: the reservations have hindered the growth and development of this country so it should be stopped.

The sixth argument: the reservations has created and strengthened the caste system

The fact is that there are misconceptions that have become dominant idea of the society and some demanded such a situation for political gain. This article counter some of the misconception with relevant data.

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