Caste based reservation should continue

In fact, I had anti-reservation thoughts quite some times back , that is to implement reservation based on economic measures instead of caste based. I also had friends who used to receive benefits from the government just because they belong to a lower caste, and as it mentioned in the petition they got preference in admissions while some of their parents were from ‘economically’ well off background, though. The question is are they still facing social discrimination of any sort because of their caste identity amidst of financial position ?

The mistake I have done is I tried to generalize the whole Indian situation just based on my experience and few incidents that happened in my life ? I don’t think that was the right approach as India is extremely complex country. I tried to understand the actual caste issue without any prejudice , read Ambedkar and many related articles online. Right now I have a different take on this reservation topic. I believe that reservation should exist as long as people are not discriminated based on caste.

I usually hear some of below arguments from anti-reservation campaigners or someone who is ‘pissed off’ due to the reservation.
Their first argument: the reservation is based on caste, so, the caste based reservation should be replaced by the economic criteria.

The second argument: the reservations are given only to SC’s and ST’s.

The third argument: the reservation is limited for only ten years, but reservations have been continuing for last 65 years hence it should be removed.

The fourth argument: the General communities or Upper Castes have been losing the opportunities because of reservation so it should be scraped.

The fifth argument: the reservations have hindered the growth and development of this country so it should be stopped.

The sixth argument: the reservations has created and strengthened the caste system

The fact is that there are misconceptions that have become dominant idea of the society and some demanded such a situation for political gain. This article counter some of the misconception with relevant data.

COOPaisa initiative

I read about  COOPaisa initiative from the Internet. First up all let me congratulate the entire team materializing an idea like COOPaisa and rolled out at the right time when people are literally struggling due to recent demonetization move.

I understand that at cashless economy would be the future. At the same time, it also raises concerns about the feasibility of going digital , security , the privacy of individual etc. Following new developments that are happening in the country after demonetization is announced,  corporates are trying to hand hold the implementation of the cashless economy  with an intent of monopolizing the entire cashless transactions. Once established without any doubt corporates  start increasing rates causing the burden to common people, by then people would not have the alternative option to even think about and hence trapped and exploited. This is extremely dangerous and worrisome. Unfortunately, government is supporting such activities which should not have been the case.

An initiative like COOPaisa is an alternative model which is more decentralized and consider those who are not digitally “well off” too. COOPaisa is implemented by a cooperative bank in Malappuram district of Kerala also known as people’s bank. Cooperative banks are organically connected to people of that locality where the bank operates unlikely to that of private banks. I am waiting to see such an initiative to be adopted by whole such cooperative units of Kerala and the country and save people from not trapped by corporate giants.

(It would have been greater if COOPaisa like project released under any free software license so that better and faster maintenance and adoption.)

What is my ideology ?

At present when I want to understand more and it is quite new to me I try to understand myself more about that piece of information mainly from Internet. Suppose I get some basic understanding, I discuss with my friends and colleagues whom I trust. The relation is evolved over a period of time. It is always important to have such friend circle. I am just a kid in our circle 😀 During this phase, I might get corrected or get more points to back my understanding which is according to my intelligence. I am not getting brainwashed anytime.

On top of it, I have an ideology. I am a budding Marxist. This has happened to me after a lot of reading and interaction. Marx himself made a stand on critical thinking. It goes like this“ruthless criticism of all that exists, ruthless both in the sense of not being afraid of the results it arrives at and in the sense of being just as little afraid of conflict with the powers that be.”

I understand that Marxism helps me understand a problem by co-relating the economical and social aspect of it in a historical context , which is more convincing to me than anything else. Marxism explains in detail what is capitalism and how does it operate. In fact, it is understood that Marx is the person who studied capitalism to the deep than anyone else. That’s why he could come up with a such a groundbreaking critics on capitalism and stressed upon overthrowing it. “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it” said by Marx.

Based on the Marxist theoretical understanding I can say that in India we have a corporate(capitalist) Hindutva government.( When it was Congress government they were capitalist government). The moment such a move like demonetization announced , I did not need to think twice about the pro people factor in it. That set base for my thought and further reading or investigation is to gather more knowledge to back my understanding.

How many actually talked about the source of black money that is black activities ? The fact is that a capitalist gov can not address the issue of black activities and black money.

So every matter around us can be explained in Marxian way. The beauty is that a Marxist can always critic another Marxist which is considered to be a healthier practice among Marxists 😀

It is important to always to dig the issue to its core or we just get wrong.

One last point , On last Sunday at FSMK Office during the discussion, at one point I argued that Housewives also should be paid. Most of them opposed me. Those who opposed, try to emphasize on keywords “love” , “family” etc. I made this point not from a sympathy point of view but from a Marxist understanding of what is a labor ? what is a family? etc

Reading of “Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State” helped me to get a different perspective on family. This work also answers why prostitution exists and that is directly connected to the origin of the family too. Similarly, a free software could be explained in a Marxist line.

According to me being a Marxist is a meaningful way of living too.