Most of the time mainstream discussions are fragmented and around the subject which ignores the social aspect without which it is incomplete.

How about saying  science in history instead of the history of science ?

How about thinking this way that “Computer is a product of social evolution” , so “Internet” ?

In a different context How about claiming that it is the people of India fought for the Independence from British, not few individuals ?

When it comes to “Free Software movement”, how about arguing Free Software movement is also a product of certain social circumstances ?

We all know that Free Software has evolved as a counter action against the control of ownership of ideas. Here we fight for the natural rights taken away from us. We are building an alternative platform where our natural rights of copying, sharing etc are reinforced by our own effort.

Is Free Software  a unique phenomenon without any correlation with other struggles that include the struggle  for better living conditions , the right to natural resources etc ?

The more we discuss the more we understand. The more we understand, our act would be more effective. Let’s discuss, debate and act