#FreeSoftware 2

“Free software” emerged as counter culture against monopolization of software and open knowledge . Free software movement raised the slogan of “Free Software, Free Society” , that argued for  democratic and equal access of the technology to each and everyone.

#FreeSoftware 1

The hacker community existed before the birth of “free software” , at that time software was “free” by default. Sharing of software was not restricted in any manner.  In the early 1980s situation started changing , software has started becoming commodity. Many players entered into software development foreseeing probable multi million software market in the future.Those Hacker communities then existed just disappeared, along with freedom to share a software or piece of code. Natural right of copying banned by laws. More and more laws and policies were introduced in favor of corporate to help them in making money out of software business. The entire society was betrayed.

Garment workers agitation on PF issue


I got a chance to witness the massive gathering of garment workers near PF office @ Singasandra,Bengaluru. There were more than 5000 workers agitating sitting right on the road. My understanding about the issue is Gov has come up with the new policy that from 2016 May 1st onward employee can only withdraw employer contribution of PF at the age of 58. Most of the times people depends on PF money for expenses like marriage and any medical need. The new policy leaves no alternative option for workers and directly affect the life of poor workers resulted in such a violent strike. As a result of this massive agitation, the government forced to re-consult the decision and new rulings were put on hold.

When the gov doesn’t represent us, the rights have to be earned by collective bargaining and that is going to be so in future too. In solidarity.