Computer training syllabus #3

Computer training syllabus #2 can be found here

Paint activity
Double clicks on the paint icon.
The paint activity window opens.
First opens an existing file and plays with the colours.
Then creates painting.
The tools for drawing can be found under Tools.
A set of tools is called a Toolbar.
The various choices in any Toolbar are called the Options.
The tools and options that uses to draw a house are:
New option to get a blank canvas.
Shapes toolbar to get shapes like square, rectangle and triangle.
Brushes toolbar to colour using the colour palette.
Eraser to erase.
Save option to save the painting.
Print option to print the painting.
Quit option to quit the activity.

Exploring the Desktop
The small pictures that we see on the screen are called Icons.
The screen where all the icons are arranged is called the Desktop.
Icons of activities that we use often are kept on the desktop.
The bar at the bottom of the desktop is called the Taskbar

To start an activity double click on the activity icon on
the Desktop.
The activity window opens on the Desktop.
More than one activity can be started at a time.
Whenever you click on a window, the computer brings it in
front and allows you to use that activity.
Close and Minimize a window
button at the top right corner of
a window is used to close the activity.
button at the top right corner of
a window makes the window very small.

The bar at the bottom of the Desktop is called the taskbar.
When you open any activity, a small window of that activity appears on the taskbar. This is called a tab.
The Taskbar has one tab for each window on the Desktop.
All the activities that have been started can be seen in
the Taskbar.
Clicking an activity tab on the Taskbar will bring that window to
the front.

Title bar
The top bar of a window is called the Title bar. You can recognize the activity in a window by the title in the title bar.

The picture on the desktop is called the Wallpaper. A right click on the desktop brings up a dialogue box. One of the options allows you to change the wallpaper.

Computer training syllabus #2

Computer training syllabus #1 can be found here

How to use Mouse ?

Mouse is used to point at items shown on the monitor. When we move the mouse around, the arrow on the screen also moves around. The arrow is called the mouse pointer. The mouse is usually kept on a flat surface called the mouse pad.
Pressing the button is called a click. There are two buttons on the mouse. The button on the left hand side is called the left button. The button on the right hand
side is called the right button. Clicking these buttons tells the computer what to do.

There are three types of mouse clicks:
Left click: Click the left button once. This is used to select an activity after you point to it.

Double click: Click the left button twice, quickly. This is used to start the activity after you have pointed at it.

Right click: Click the right button once. This is used to control the activity after you have started it .

The wheel between the left and right mouse button is called the scroll button. You can move up and down a page using the scroll button.

Keyboard Detail

We can use a keyboard to give instructions to the computer. The buttons on the keyboard are called keys.

Keys are of different type and we can group keys like
1. Alphabet keys
The keys on which you see alphabets: A – Z are called alphabet keys. These are used to write words.
2.Number Keys and Number pad
The keys on which you see numbers: 0 – 9 are called number keys. These are used to write numbers.
3. Caps Lock Key
While you are typing letters using Alphabet keys, you can turn caps lock on or off to switch between capital and small case letters. When caps lock is turned on a small led glows to indicate caps lock is on. Mostly you can spot this led at right top corner of your keyboard.
4.Space bar
While you are typing, you can press the Space bar to create spaces.This is usually the longest key on the last row of the keyboard. It may not have anything written on it.
5. Backspace
While you are typing, you can press the Backspace key to erase letters. It is usually the last key in the row of numbers. This may look different on different keyboards.
6.Enter Key
While you are typing, the Enter key is used to move to the next line.It is usually found at the end of the middle row of alphabets. The Enter key is also used for other actions too.
7. Arrow keys.
It is multi purpose keys.  As the arrow key on each key indicate these keys are used to move respective direction Eg In a text editor cursor is moved up/down or left/right using arrow keys.
8. Shift Key
It is a special key used in combination with other keys. Eg if you want to type special characters like ‘@’ which appears on top left corner of number key 2,  you can use shift keys. Hold shift key and press 2 computer will print @ on screen instead of 2. This is applicable for all such keys where you can find two keys on same key. Shift key is also used to switch case between upper case and lower case while using alphabet keys.