First parent’s meeting held at ac3

In the beginning, we were receiving complaints and concerns from parents and localities about students shouting at centers, girls and boys mingling more freely in the center , which is not a usual thing for a study center according to them. Hence we decided to hold meeting frequently to hear from parents and make them understand what’s happening in the center.

We had not done many preparations in organizing this meeting. During one of the class hours, we talked about the importance of holding such meetings among students and volunteers and decided the date as Nov 22nd. Later asked students to inform their parents about this meeting. Close by 22nd a team including Renuka, Vinoth, and Prabhakar(they are core volunteers of the center at present) made a visit to each house to remind about the meeting. They visited approximately 20 houses.

We know that just a meeting would be boring , hence planned to host couple of cultural activities too. All the organizing activities done  by students aging from 10-17  , we were never involved in any of these directly. I should say I was literally surprised to see the drama what they directed titled “Mooda Nambike” meaning false belief. I had only  informed them before to come up with something that gives a social message. In all aspect, the drama was thought provoking . Everyone enjoyed the drama especially parents as their kids performing on stage.

After cultural activities actual meeting started, Balaji addressed parents in Tamil and explained how the center operates. As expected there were questions from parents which Balaji could respond appropriately. The main concern from parents was that they were not sure students are spending their time productively in the center. We had planned to showcase digital paintings done by students using tux paint to parents, due to time and space constraints we dropped the plan. I could see there 300 + paintings done by students from simple to creative so far in the main computer at center. Tux painting is the first tool we introduced to them to get them handy using mouse.

Later Renuka presented Ac3 schedule which none of the parents were aware of this before. The schedule is as below
Monday and Tuesday – Every student get machine to tools like tux painting , tux math, tux typing etc for about 15 – 20 min
Wednesday – Balaji handles science classes
Thursday and Friday – Shijil(myself) teaches computer basics as per the community center syllabus.