Computer training syllabus #1

Ambedkar Community Computing Center (AC3) is an initiative owned by the local community to bridge the widening digital divide using free software. At present Free Software Movement of Karnataka( volunteers myself , Balaji and  other students from that locality are running the center  . We train students from under privileged section on basics of computer and internet.

We do have a syllabus formed by volunteers who were active 2-3 years back. However I don’t follow exactly the same order at AC3. I was in search of best materials to make it more interactive to get rid of language barrier (all are Tamil and Kannada speaking students there). Finally I got right materials when I found Computer Masti publishing.  Very well prepared syllabus by Dept. of Computer Science and Engg, IIT Bombay. I just loved it the moment I started going through it. I immediately decided to use computer Masti books as reference. Later I purchased the whole set of Computer Masti books comprises of 8 volumes thinking I can keep it at AC3 later on.

I prepare notes based on Computer Masti books. I thought I will blog about it. This post is part one of it. May be this would help others who would want to take computer classes for kids.

Do‛s and Don‛ts with Computers

While using computers we should:

1. Be safe: It works on electricity.
A) Computer works on electricity just like your Television.So, it is important to be careful.
B) Do not pull any wires connected to the CPU.
C) Do not put your fingers into any slot.

2. Be gentle: It is delicate.
A) Do not bang hard on the keyboard.
B) Do not pull any wires connected to the CPU.

3. Keep it clean: It is sensitive to dust.
A) Keep the computer and its nearby area clean.
B) Cover the computer when it is not in use.
C) Do not eat or drink near the computer.

4. Keep a correct posture: It can cause injury.
A) Keep your chair at the proper height.
B) Keep a proper distance from the monitor.
C) Do not keep your hand on the mouse continuously.

5. Share equally: It is for everyone.
A) Take turns for using the Keyboard and the Mouse
B) Give space to your classmates while they are using computers.
C) Do not disturb others by playing loud music.
Where all Computers are used

1. Library
2. Bank
3. Railway station

Parts of Computers

CPU (central processing unit) is the most important part of a computer. It is like the brain. It does all the tasks that we want the computer to do. It also controls all the other parts, like the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. These parts have to be connected to the CPU, for them to work.

A monitor looks like a TV screen. The CPU uses the monitor to show us photos, movies and games. The front portion of the monitor is called the screen, or display.

The keyboard is made of several small buttons called keys. Each key has a number, letter or word written on it. Just as you use a pencil to write on a paper, you can use a keyboard to write with a computer.

4. Mouse
A mouse is used to point at items shown on the monitor. The mouse usually has two or three buttons and a small wheel between the buttons.