Mirsoft loves Open Source and vice versa ?

Microsoft has open sourced partial asp.net libraries,Windows phone
toolkit and Azure.NET software development last month.

I have seen people claiming whatever M$ opensourced most of those are released under GPL compatible licenses hence they have to be welcomed
and praised. Lets hear what Wes Miller, a research vice president at Directions on Microsoft wanted to say here Miller believes. “Microsoft is choosing open source projects that benefit it in specific ways. A lot of this is about trying to
bootstrap Windows development using things that people are familiar with.”
Making sure Azure supports Linux is another way of promoting
Microsoft’s cloud computing environment, Miller adds. Porting Node.js
to Azure is another case in point.

“Software Market Changed, So Microsoft Changed, Too”
Microsoft is in the business of making money, so it’s possible that
it’s only involving itself with open source software and openness in
general because it sees it as the best strategy to make money. That’s
probably the case – not that there’s anything new with that. Nothing
controversial here , they are doing their business.

In this present day we are witnessing examples where corporations are
cannibalizing the community and its produce.
The problem aggravated due to the fact that open source actively
rejects the need to apply the philosophy and politics of free software
needed to prevent the privatization of community produce. Not sure
this was what the OSI initiatives were thinking of during the
formation, however this is going to be new age business tactics that
will get more traction in coming days by exploiting community.