Report on FOSS Workshop 19th, 20th October and GLUG formation in Oxford College of Engineering

First Day
2 Days Workshop started little late by 9.30 AM with an introductory talk on ‘Why Free Software? ‘ by Abhinay Sama a Software Engineer from Vmware. Almost 60-80 students and couple of teachers were present in seminar Hall where we got the place to run the show.

Highlights of the topic
1.As usual “The History”
2.What is free in free software?
3.Patents and misuses

After a short break Sarath introduced FSMK to the students and how we functions. Followed by Sarath’s talk Akram from PESS IT played a video which is completely made in Blender. Students were wondered to hear about Blender a free software which is capable enough to replace Maya a 1.8 lakh Rs proprietary software. As an expert from Blender Sarath demonstrated user interface and the  tools available in blender.

Later Akram demonstrated the alternative free software available to proprietary software. Post lunch break GNU/Linux Installation handled by Ashwini,Akram and Anupama.It was a live session conducted at CSE lab. They made pen drive bootable and demonstrated how to install ubuntu and how to partition the hard drives.

Second Day.
Piyush Sharma and Shashank Jain  Network Engineers from Intel  handled the shell scripting sessions. It was a live session conducted at CSE LAB. Students could practise the program instantly and raise the queries on needs.

Topics covered
1. Why Learn Shell Scripting?
2. Fundamentals of Shell Scripting
3. Conditions and Loops
4. String Manipulation
5. Functions and Libraries
6. Advanced Shell Scripting

GLUG Formation.
Identified glug members during the meeting..

V Arun Kumar-arunvkumar94 at
Prakul Sing-prakul251 at
Nithin R –nithinr92 at
Bindu Sadandan-bindubuzz at
Keyar Lakhani-keyar.lakhani99 at
Nithyasree J –nithya1397 at
Febin A Vahab-febinaishavahab at
Devi S-devagi.n84 at
Chethan C T-chethan.ct at
Preetham N –preetam_preetu at
Suhayl Bhat
Shashank G-g.shashank7 at
Ajith K S
Raghav Kishan-raghav.kishan at

After winding up the shell scripting sessions we have collected feedback from students .

Overview about the feedback collected

1.Why Free Software? – Very good
2. What is FSMK — Very good
3.Alternative free software – Good
4.Gnu Linux Installation -Good
5.Introduction to Python-Very good
6.Shell Scripting – Very Good

Few comments from participants

“It was very good where I learnt that patenting stops research ” Rashmili J from 5th semester CSE

“This was my first experience with free software and it was really good to learn a lot about it
and to figure out that these are a lot more than just windows” – Nithin K from 5th semester CSE